Basic information about logistics


Currently, we can observe a very high growth and development of many companies that are specialized in production, trade and other branches of economy. All of the firms that work in these branches, use special services associated with the shipment, transportation planning, storage, etc. Thanks to this kind of help, work of production, distribution or trade companies is much easier.

Many people ask a question: what is logistics? Its definition is not very simple, because this process is quite complex and it includes many important activities associated with transportation, preparing of goods, storage and other tasks of this type.

Practical definition

We can say that logistics is a term used to identify a very complex process of activities associated with coordinating and moving different resources, materials or final products and goods from one location to another storage location or to the final customer. That is why national and international logistics are required by transportation companies, distributors, producers, stationary or online stores.

Many people think that these are only transport services, but as You can see, they include more important and responsible tasks. For example, logistic services may include customer service, information flow, demand forecasting, control of stock, manipulation activities, order fulfillment, shipment, packing, returns management, transportation, and storage.

Logistics and supply chain management – are these the same activities?

Many people use the aforementioned terms interchangeably, but we need to remember that they refer to two different process elements. Logistics is a process realized within one company and it includes packing, storage, transportation, planning, etc. Supply chain management is associated with a large network of different organizations and companies that co-operate to create, store and deliver a product to a final customer.

How to find solid service providers?

People who run their own online stores, distribution or production companies, very often decide to calculate logistics costs. These calculations clearly show that performing these activities on our own or with the help of specialized workers hired in a company can be very expensive. Fortunately, we can find many third-party companies that offer professional help with logistics, transportation, order fulfillment and other tasks of this type. Finding these firms is not a very complicated task, because they put information about their offers on their official websites available worldwide.

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